Hummer Calendar

Guidelines for Submitting Photos for the Hummer Calendar

Large-scale print media is FAR more demanding than computer or mobile screens. Calendar photos need to have sufficient size and resolution in addition to exciting content.

Resolution and Size:
The Hummer Calendar has always been of the highest quality possible, so photos need to be high resolution. Four megapixel minimum is preferred. The larger the photo size the better. Resolution should be at least 100 dpi, 300 dpi or higher is preferred. Photos should be wider than they are high to work with the calendar photo pages.

The Hummer(s) should be the main part of the photo, not seen in the distance. See the examples below. Photos which have not been posted to the forum or Facebook (already seen by many) are preferred.

Things that distract from the Hummer(s) like power lines or other unattractive things in the background, parking lots, gas stations, other vehicles which are not Hummers, people, advertising or political signs, logos, banners, stickers, etc.

Lighting, Color and Focus:
Hummer should not be in a shadow. Colors should be brilliant and consistent. Focus should be sharp. The finer the detail, the better.

You should be prepared to furnish a brief description or caption for each photo. This would include information about the truck(s) in the photo, such as model and year, the place where the photo was taken and anything else about the photo that might be interesting. Names of owners and/or drivers and photographer are optional.

In order to submit a photo for the calendar, you must own the photo and the rights to use it for publication. We cannot use photos without the clear rights and permission to do so. If you have purchased a photo from somewhere, you might own a copy of that photo, but you do not own the rights to it (unless you have specifically obtained those rights). If you have found a photo in a book or magazine, we cannot use it. If a professional photographer has been used, you must have the publication rights for the photo(s) in writing. We prefer a photo that you have taken yourself, or was taken by a friend or family member who will not question our right to use it for publication. No copyrighted material in a photo can be used without permission. Readable license plates may be obscured by our graphic artist. We will not take even the slightest chance of being sued over the use of a photo.

By submitting a photo for the calendar, you can and do grant us the right to publish it in print. This should be clearly understood. If you are not absolutely certain that you own the rights to a photo, please do not submit it. Photos have always been contributed. There is no compensation involved, but you will receive a complimentary copy of the Hummer calendar if your photo is used in it.

Photos can be submitted at any time of the year.

If you would like to submit a photo for the next Hummer Calendar, please Send us an E-mail.


from previous calendars to give you an idea what kind of photos work well: